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Paola Poletto

Paola Poletto: Lady Cleaner: After Julie Voyce, September 2011, photograph, receipt, archival frame, 23 x 36.5"

This image is part of a series called Lady Cleaner. We saw an ad in the supermarket for a lady cleaner, and I like that the words had been inverted; it reminds me of how I am sometimes an artist and sometimes a coordinator, and constantly switching roles. Here I asked Julie Voyce to clean a booth at Highway 401 and Yonge Street. Julie is a "cleaner of dirt and maker of things", and it seemed appropriate and odd to pay her to clean a booth for me.

Paola Poletto

Paola Poletto: Lady Cleaner: After Paola Poletto (photographs by Liis Toliao), 2012, photocopies, acrylic, acrylic gel medium, TEL-Talk sticker, variable sizes (group of 10)

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Curriculum Vitae

Artist Statement: The analogy of hibernation for art production is a concept that came to me in a dream. It offers a state of being … i am awake to administrate, i am asleep to make; i administrate to sleep, i make make. Despite my role in the representation of both my work as artist and in the work of others as curator, i imagine a way of liberating myself from fear and the rules of form and function, and the use of any one material or technique or viewpoint… do you see it, did you see it, i can't bear to look at it anymore, go! I enjoy collaborative production in the making of an artifact. My interests intersect design, art, poetry, craft and crap… strive for a better, fuller understanding of the material and sociological nature of an object and its relationship to who defines and makes and consumes it. I am drawn to decay and regeneration… my putrid air, exhaust and wind. I am an honest worker with a half-baked ambition to run a beauty salon… i am a cubicle decorator, no space too small.

Paola Poletto