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David McClyment

David McClyment: Doo Bee Don't Bee (again) 2012, two panels, spray enamel on prepared plywood, 33" x 24" each

David McClyment

Artist Statement

For me, making an image is all about playing. Trying to maintain that stubborn intensity of focus that a child experiences at play. The ideas, the lines, the colours, the materials, the space, the tools, - all those toys that I can fool around with in my studio. Sometimes I SMASH them together in a great conflagration. Other times I coax them, or make them fly, or invent adventures for them. Sometimes, I cannibalize them – cutting off parts from there, adding parts from here. Burning holes, grinding surfaces, pouring paint.

When making art becomes work, I will do something else.

Image courtesy of David McClyment | David Kaye Gallery