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Laura Peturson

Curriculum Vitae

Remnants of Play    

RemnantLaura Peturson: Remnant, 2010, ed. 5,linocut, papercut and thread, 6 x 5" (detail) SOLD (editions available)

Empty PlaygroundLaura Peturson: Empty Playground, 2009, ed. 6, woodcut, 10.5 x 10" (detail)

Cat's CradleLaura Peturson: Cat's Cradle, 2008, ed. 12, linocut, papercut and thread, 12 x 9" (detail)

The ShoreLaura Peturson: The Shore, 2010, ed. 6, linocut, 6.75 x 11.75" (detail) SOLD (editions available)

Broken SwingLaura Peturson: Broken Swing, 2010, ed. 4, linocut print, 12 x 12" (detail) SOLD

RememberingLaura Peturson: Remembering The Way We Came, 2008, ed. 3, mixed media, 10.75 x 13" (detail)

Low Tide CoveLaura Peturson: Low Tide Cove, 2010, ed. 7, linocut print, 5 x 6" (detail)

DiggersLaura Peturson: Diggers, 2009, ed. 7, linocut, 12 x 6" SOLD (editions available)

TrinityLaura Peturson: Trinity, 2009, ed. 5, woodcut,, 8 x 12"(detail) SOLD

Hula HoopLaura Peturson: Hula Hoop, 2010, ed. 1, woodcut, 14 x 23.5" (detail) SOLD

Edge of the WoodsLaura Peturson: Edge of the Woods, 2009, woodcut, ed. 8, 14 x 23.5" (detail)

Remnant IILaura Peturson: Remnant II, 2010, ed. 5, linocut, papercut, thread, 5 x 6 " (detail) SOLD (editions available)

FeteLaura Peturson: Fête, 2012, ed. 5, screen-print, 12 x 16" Laura Peturson: Island, 2012, ed. 5, screen-print, 19.5 x 14.5" Laura Peturson: Uproot, 2013, ed. 5, linocut, papercut, thread, 8 x 8"
Possible Outcome    

Laura PetursonLaura Peturson: Possible Outcome, 2011, ed. of 4, screenprint, linocut, lithography, collograph, 14.5 x 18" SOLD (editions available)

Laura PetursonLaura Peturson: Green Teacup, 2011, ed. of 3, linocut, 6.75 x 6.75" (detail) SOLD (editions available)

Laura PetursonLaura Peturson: Prodigy, 2011, ed. of 4, screenprint, lithography, 22.5 x 14" (detail) SOLD (editions available)

Laura PetursonLaura Peturson: Matryoshka Doll, 2011, edition of 3, linocut, 7 x 5" (detail)

Laura PetursonLaura Peturson: Reach, 2011, ed. 4, screenprint and collograph, 8 x 7.75" (detail)

Laura PetursonLaura Peturson: Lily Hall, 2011, ed. 3, linocut, screenprint, lithography, 11.75 x 9.5" (detail)

Laura PetursonLaura Peturson: Role Model, 2011, ed. 4, linocut, screenprint, 6.5 x 10.25" (detail) Laura PetursonLaura Peturson: What will you do when you catch him?, 2011, ed.2, screenprint, 9.5 x 21.5" (detail) Laura PetursonLaura Peturson: Inside Out, 2013, ed. 4, screenprint, 8.5 x 15" (detail)

Laura Peturson: Looking Forward, 2013, ed.6, woodcut, screenprint,19.5 x 22.5" (detail)

Laura Peturson: Pinhole Camera, 2013, linocut and screenprint, 15.75 x 11.75" (detail)

The Woods    

Laura PetursonLaura Peturson: Crossing, 2012, oil, screenprint & chine colléd etching/panel, 24 x 24”(detail) SOLD

Laura PetursonLaura Peturson: Away From Home, oil, screenprint & chine colled etching/ panel, 24 x 24" (detail) SOLD

NaturalistsLaura Peturson: Naturalists, 2013, ed. 16, screenprint and collagraph, 4 x 6" SOLD (editions available) Laura Peturson: Keeping Track, 2013, ed, 6, screenprint and collagraph, 4 x 6" SOLD (editions available) Laura Peturson: Setting Up, 2013, ed.6, screenprint and collagraph, 4 x 6" SOLD (editions available)
Additional Works    
Laura PetursonLaura Peturson: Hula Hoops II, 2011, ed. 4, screenprint, 8 x 8" (detail) Laura PetursonLaura Peturson: Hula Hoops III, 2011, ed. 3, screenprint, 8 x 8" (detail) SOLD (editions available) Laura PetursonLaura Peturson: Hula Hoops IV, 2011, ed. 4, screenprint, 8.5 x 12" (detail)
Laura PetursonLaura Peturson: Hula Hoops, 2011, ed. 4, screenprint, 10.5 x 14" (detail) Laura PetursonLaura Peturson: Mother and Daughter, 2011, screenprint, 10 x 14” Edition of 4 (detail) SOLD (editions available) SculpturePrint-based Sculpture in Progress

Laura PetursonLaura Peturson: At the Edge of an Open Field, 2013, oil, screenprint & chine colled etching/panel, 18 x 36"


More Images: Opening Reception for Remnants of Play


A Winter's Guide to Melancholia, Descant Magazine, 159 (Winter 2012).

Artist Statement

Remnants of Play is a body of work comprised of prints created using woodcut, linocut, and papercut processes. The images present a nostalgic vision of childhood described through invented narratives, a flat illustrative form sense, and a subdued colour palette.

I live in a semi-rural area, near North Bay, Ontario. While walking the trails through the woods behind my house, I often come across remnants of play left behind by the children in the area. While some of the prints take this debris as a point of inspiration, others are based on observations made during a summer spent in Newfoundland. Tiny remote villages inhabited by women and children (the men are working in Alberta) reminded me of towns near my home where the sole industry (such as paper, or mining) has collapsed. The tendency to romanticize a childhood in such a place, while recognizing the reality of growing up there, struck me as poignant. Read more...

Possible Outcome is a body of work comprised of prints depicting children engaged in introspective play, often with objects that are commonly viewed as feminine. In some of the prints, the girls have been inserted compositionally into reproductions of 18th-century paintings. These neoclassical paintings reference a heroic male ideal, and present the girls with a differently gendered possibility from their surroundings.
Influenced by fin-de-siècle art and literature, and by the domestic workings of my own family, the prints present a vision of childhood based in both reality and fiction. These works capture and examine the expectations and sentiments placed upon very young girls. Read more...

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