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FASSIE International Biennale

April 23 - 28, 2013
Reception:  Thursday, April 25, 6 - 9pm

"The FASSIE International Biennale, or FIB as it came to be known, was Canada's first major art exhibition and was infamous for the calamitous incidents that dogged it at every turn: loss, fire, theft, international intrigue and even rumours of murder." - Art Historian Louis L.L. Lamour

The 2013 art season kicks off with the long awaited return to Toronto of Canada's oldest and most prestigious exhibition. A group of eighteen of Canada's most talented and influential artists have been selected to participate in this venerable and storied exposition. Be a part of the ceremony to celebrate this year's FIBBIE Award Winner.

Jin-Woo Kim, Numb, 2013, oil on canvas, 24 x 30"

Tai Selbach, Urbano, 2013, conte, pastel, gouache on paper, 23 x 30"

Featuring works by Ashley Pleasant, Ciara O'Sullivan, Corinne Parzanese, Crystal Baird, Gabriel Ruhi-Tuna, Gavin MacDougall, Jan Reece Cantos, Jin-Woo Kim, Joel Revita, Karen Martens, Karly Dreger, Kristin Smith, Letitia Pfinder, Letitia Shaffaf, Majid Eskandari, Michelle Ramalho, Reeva Amo, Saurin Galloway, and Tai Selbach.


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