video + art bunny message

Art Bunny says:   Buy Art – you might die tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more pithy witticisms by A.B.  He keeps an eye on things – you can never quite tell where he’s looking.

I must confess that I do have a strange attraction to bunnies. Get your own from SonjaFierce Bunnies are handsewn from de-constructed vintage sweaters made of natural fibres such as angora, lambswool and cashmere.

And now the main event –

A video gallery tour of In Plain View. I hope you enjoy.

Get out to the Junction and view selected works from Mark Kasumovic’s amazing photographic series “I Can Hear You Humming.”

Mark will be speaking at the Society for Photographic Education in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday, March 11th. Congrats Mark!

The exhibition also features urban glass works by Aaron Oussoren and gorgeous textiles by Lizz Aston.

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