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Art FairI visited the Toronto International Art Fair this weekend.  For those seeking to view a large variety of artwork, connect with dealers from across the country and around the world, and perhaps receive some inspiration for your own work, it is a great event to put on your calendar for next year.  The fair is excellent for novice art buyers, as well as more established collectors.  Spending some time at the fair will help you discover new artworks and artists and you’ll start to feel more confident in the experience of looking, and eventually, purchasing artwork.

Art FairThe cardinal rule is always to buy what you like – and buy the best you can afford.  Get out and look, look, look and look some more. Visit galleries where the types of work you wish to collect are being exhibited.  Learn about the artist.  Develop a relationship with your local dealer.  Get comfortable.  Ask questions.  Take advantage of their experience and enthusiasm.   If the gallery knows what you are looking for, you can be alerted when something becomes available.  The gallery can also advise you by suggesting works and artists that may compliment and broaden your collection within your budget.

Art FairEnjoy looking at art – seek out talented artists and the best quality works.  Have fun.  I hope this blog helps you to learn a bit more about the artists exhibited at Telephone Booth Gallery – and if you have any questions, just ask.

Come into the gallery and escape. Take a moment to be quiet and enjoy the pleasure of experiencing art.   Don’t feel intimidated to push open the door of a gallery.  There is never any pressure to purchase.  Galleries are there to act as a space where the artist and the public can connect and interact through the artist’s work.

Art Fair

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