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The Hanger

The Hanger

This week’s blog strays a bit from the usual updates on visits to Toronto neighbourhoods and vintage/design shops…we did visit Queen West near Roncesvalles to poke around the antique shops there but I’ll save that…This past weekend we decided to try something new.  We ventured up to the Hanger in Downsview Park, North York to watch…our first…Roller Derby.  Chicks Ahoy! vs. Death Track Dolls, semi-final #2.  It was awesome.  I have included some video below.  In the first clip the announcer (Crankypants) is just going nuts and the second one is a good indication of the action during a jam.  Unfortunately I didn’t capture any of the best hits on video.  Dang!

During the event I developed some favourites that I enjoyed cheering on:  Land Shark (Death Track Dolls), Mach Wheels (Chicks Ahoy!) and Mega Bouche (Chicks Ahoy!).  Fun times. The names are great: Sue Saint Marie, Panty Hoser, Bonky Kong…


The gals

Finals are Saturday Nov. 13.

The Toronto Roller Derby League (ToRD) is the largest flat-track derby league in Canada boasting nearly 80 active skaters.  Teams: The Gore-Gore Rollergirls, Chicks Ahoy!, Death Track Dolls, Smoke City Betties, and CN Power (all-star travel team).

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Chicks Ahoy! vs. Death Track Dolls

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