laura peturson in the studio

Laura Peturson

Laura and Jane in the Studio

I recently asked Laura Peturson about her Printing Process and I thought I would share her response with you.

I print using a reductive process.  All the colours are printed using the same block.  The initial layer is printed prior to carving the block.

If the initial layer is blue, the first prints will look like a solid rectangle of blue.  I then carve away all of the elements in the image that are to remain blue, and then I print the block again in a second colour.  In the end, the final layer contains all previous colours underneath it, and the block is almost completely carved away.

Some of my prints have papercut and sewing elements.  These are done at the end of the process, and the piece is assembled using foamcore spacers and linen bookbinder’s tape.

Step by step images below of:

Trinity, 2009, woodcut, edition of 5, 8 x 12 inches

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Do you use a press, hand burnishing or roller?

I tend to prefer hand burnishing using a Japanese barren.  My prints are fairly small, and hand burnishing offers great sensitivity and control.  A couple of the larger prints were done on a press (the same kind of press used to print etchings), because their size made it difficult to achieve consistency with hand printing.

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About the exhibition: Remnants of Play

Inspired by a summer residency in Newfoundland and by remnants of play on the trails behind her home, Laura Peturson has created a series of delicate prints that illustrate a nostalgic vision of childhood.  Idyllic small town moments – abandoned bicycles, a game of Cat’s Cradle, children playing along a shoreline – are created using a subdued colour palette.  As an outsider with urban experiences, these works envision possible realities for her own daughter growing up in a small, northern town.

Peturson’s works are a combination of woodcut, linocut and papercut techniques with a handmade aesthetic.  She received her MFA from the New York Academy of Art, New York in 2005 and a BFA from York University, Toronto in 2002.  She lives and works in Callander, Ontario and is an Assistant Professor of Fine Art at Nipissing University, specializing in printmaking.


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