Hello, operator?

art interventions in telephone booths

Book Launch and Exhibition Opening
Friday June 15, 6 – 9pm   Artists Present

Exhibition continues until July 14, 2012

The Tel-talk project brings together artists of varying backgrounds, from across the country, to perform in and or animate a telephone booth in response to themes surrounding public spaces, and the disappearance of traditional phone booths. Specifically, artists and writers were invited to contribute a site-specific installation, artwork, or short work of fiction, which references a unique telephone booth location. The installations began in September 2011 and continue through to June 2012. Over the last nine months, each installation was announced and documented on the Tel-talk blog http://tel-talk.blogspot.ca/

The Tel-talk project culminates in an exhibition of various works and photo documentations at the Telephone Booth Gallery in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood along with a book launch which outlines contributions to the project in (phone) book form under the Tightrope Books imprint.  The project continues online with an open invitation to artists and writers to make their own art interventions.

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Selected artists and writers (Tel-talkers) include: Barry Callaghan, Dyan Marie, Julie Voyce, Lizz Aston, Otino Corsano, Sheila Butler, Steven Tippin, Stuart Keeler, Tara Cooper, Terry O’Neill and many more.  This project would not have been possible without Paola Poletto, Liis Toliao and Yvonne Koscielak.

Full list of participants online: http://tel-talk.blogspot.ca/

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  1. David Pylyp
    May 24, 2012 19:15

    That corner on Morrow Ave and Dundas West, with the glass block wall is the old liquor store. That’s a real flash back right at the top edge of Roncesvalles Village in West Toronto!

    Thank you for sharing this Sharlene!

    David Pylyp

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