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Telephone BoothComing to a booth near you!

TEL-TALK: An exhibition and publication about locating the public telephone booth

Tel.talk brings together artists of varying backgrounds from across the country to perform in and/or animate a telephone booth in response themes surrounding privatized public space, conversations and the disappearance of traditional phone booths. Artists and writers are asked to consider the relationships between form and function, medium and message, telling and talking… and texting… and more. Specifically, artists and writers are invited to contribute a site-specific installation, artwork or short work of fiction that references a unique telephone booth location. Their work will also include a phone call somewhere, somehow. Once they have completed their “stories,” the booth location is documented by Tel.talk.

The installations are announced as they are completed over a nine-month period, and the exhibition culminates in a (phone)book form. The installations and stories will be collected in a publication and launched summer 2012 to coincide with an exhibition and launch event at the Telephone Booth Gallery in Toronto in June.

Further information and links to site-specific works, writing, as well as a list of participants (Tel-Talkers) can be found on http://tel-talk.blogspot.com

Further information on the project: http://tel-talk.blogspot.com/2011/09/welcome-to-teltalk-hello-are-you-there.html

Random cell phone conversations as heard from a booth at College and University by Jessica Westhead: http://tel-talk.blogspot.com/2011/12/we-understand-each-other-on-cellular.html

Fun house phone booth: http://tel-talk.blogspot.com/2011/12/fun-booth-you-beat-us-to-punch.html

Current and upcoming installations:

Julie VoyceArtist: Julie Voyce
Telephone Booth Location: Queens Quay East and Freeland, Toronto
Installation Dates:  Feb 1 – Feb 29, 2012
Description: Throughout February, Julie Voyce is maintaining sets of flower arrangements, or fascinators, handcrafted by her and set atop the telephones at two booths at Queens Quay East and Freeland. The installation is a romantic gesture for Valentine’s Day, and a heartfelt acknowledgment of the liquor store nearby.
Further info and description: http://tel-talk.blogspot.com/2012/02/flower-arrangements-by-julie-voyce.html


Hitoko OkadaArtist: Hitoko Okada
Telephone Booth Location: Chatham Street and Locke Street, Hamilton, ON
Installation Dates:  Feb 16 – Feb 25, 2012
Description:  A screen printed and stuffed hive perched on a beret that is worn by the telephone booth.
Further info: http://hitokoo.wordpress.com/2012/02/13/tel-talk-hive-by-hitoko-okada/

Sheila Butler


Artist: Sheila Butler
Telephone Booth Location: Bloor St W and Dundas St W, NE corner, Toronto, ON
Installation Dates:  Feb 28 and Feb 29, 2012
Description:  On Toronto’s NE corner of Dundas W/Bloor W at the PharmaPlus, the artist will be using two side-by-side telephone booths to stage the transformational coming and going of Clark Kent and Superman.

TEL-TALK Contacts:

Paola Poletto  paolapoletto@gmail.com
Liis Toliao  lizatoliao@gmail.com

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