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Amy Switzer: BIRD CALL

Word Bird: Mortimer (glass, wood, book pages);  Word Bird: Loulou (glass, wood, book pages)

If you missed this exhibition you can view a video tour of the gallery below. We were very appreciative of the wonderful press received during this exhibition. You can read the full page article that appeared in the National Post online as well as an article on the Quill and Quire blog.

Here is a wonderful description from Angela Hickman’s National Post article:

Amy Switzer — the artist behind Bird Call, an exhibit on now at Toronto’s Telephone Booth Gallery that includes Loulou — used six copies of Flaubert’s story to craft the parrot. To sculpt it, she pasted the pages of the books together and then cut them, allowing the edges to feather, creating the texture for the bird’s body and plumage. She then molded the pages over an armature, or skeleton, that she built to make the bird’s body.

The result is an incredibly lifelike paper parrot. Hanging from Loulou’s beak is a strip of paper cut from one of the books and pasted together so that the sentences describing Loulou’s appearance come together in a long train.

“I spent a lot of time online ordering books from all over,” Switzer says, adding that the hardest part was getting the right colours, which required finding old copies of the book that had page edges dyed the right shades. “I wanted it to reference the parrot that’s in the book, and they talk about him being green and blue and pink and yellow.”

Switzer says she worked on Loulou for a few hours every day, for six months.

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Many visitors to the gallery commented on the diversity of Amy’s work.  I wished to share with you a selection of works from Amy Switzer’s portfolio, created over the last ten years.

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NOTE – The steel birds on posts installed in a park are called The Guardians. They are a Permanent Sculpture Commission for City of Toronto, Humber Bay Shores East Park, Toronto, ON, 2002. Powder Coated Welded Steel. The work consists of 5 individual sculptures.

The large ice sculpture was part of Ice Follies - WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, Ontario

In 2003, Amy lived in England for two months, working as an assistant to sculptor Nicola Hicks in Appleby.  I definitely can see some affinities in their work.  Amy completed her Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo in 2008 and is currently a professor and coordinator in Art & Design Fundamentals, School of Design and Visual Art at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario.  Please view Amy’s entire Curriculum Vitae.

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