land line

"Blue Couch" by Gillian Willans

Hello all…Please find below a video of Land Line featuring recent paintings by Gillian Willans, and glass by Steven Tippin and Kasia Czarnota.

I hope you enjoy it.  Only a couple more weeks to view this entire exhibition.  Hopefully tomorrow was the last snow we’ll get for the season — so get off the couch and go for a walk. Enjoy the neighbourhood.

"Living Room" by Gillian Willans

Had a great Sunday recently – I spent the day going to the AGO viewing the Maharajah and the Paterson Ewen exhibition.  Then walked to Kensington Market.  Had lunch at the Urban Herbivore (super yum) and browsed around Good Egg and Blue Banana Market (Have you been there? It’s huge!).  I got so distracted by all the great things I didn’t notice that I slopped my takeout container down the front of my coat and lost my orange leather glove. Ahhh…I’m such a kid!!

Anyway – enjoy and hope to see you soon!

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