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You are in for a treat.  Here is a sneak peek at a portfolio of studies by Gillian Willans that are available through the Telephone Booth Gallery.  Prices range from $50-$285.

Please note: Works 16 & 17 are full sized pieces from her portfolio of works on paper. Each are 30 x 44″.  Available for view in the gallery upon request.

Small works make a perfect gift for a wedding, birthday, anniversary…  Consider starting a collection for a new baby or grandchild.  The artwork will be something they can cherish for years to come.  Gift certificates are available.  We also have a wedding registry.  What a wonderful time in life to begin a collection.  Not sure where to begin?  We can provide practical advice to first time buyers or to seasoned collectors looking for new works to enhance their collection.

I am interested in the ways we find meaning in day-to-day experiences. By painting images of familial spaces, I hope to draw attention to the unremarkable and the unremarked-upon, which are often overlooked in our daily activities. ~Gillian Willans

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Gillian Willans is an extremely talented young artist. Having recently completed her Masters of Fine Arts (Painting) at the University of Alberta, Gillian has been examining various themes in her current body of work.

Snippets from Gillian’s Artist Statement

Mainly sourced from found photographs and photographs taken from building sites in suburban Alberta and British Columbia, I make paintings of houses and neighborhoods that reflect my history.

In younger cities, especially in western Canada, there seems to be a lack of appreciation of older communities and an obsession with the potential of new suburbs, which is very reminiscent of the post WWII ideology. Using the house as a container for activity and time, in the vein of Norman Rockwell, the home becomes a stand in, reflecting simultaneously the values of the community. The difference between a house and a “home” is the people that inhabit the space. As all space is defined and formed by activity, void of the creators, rooms will always remain haunted revealing the true motivation of the activity and social structure that supports it. I hope to highlight the “home” as a container as being both restrictive and at times empty, creating a tension between longing and loss, ultimately reflecting the disillusionment of the middle class.

My work deals with a wide range of conceptual ideas that are filtered through the lens of personal experience grounded in the history and development of painting. Artists such as Gerhard Richter (Everyday Life Paintings) Peter Doig (Rainbow Culvert), and David Milne (New York and Cottage interiors) have influenced my material handling and relationship with subject matter. Photographer Jeff Wall and filmmaker Atom Egoyan have inspired me to employ cinematic and narrative positioning to create mood and point of view.  It is my goal to utilize and manipulate the tradition of realism in painting, to help create further unease within my painted spaces and places. In all of my paintings I hope to create tensions between inside and out, new and old, and presence and absence.

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