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We did a little Sunday driving the past couple of weekends and visited Cobourg, Port Hope and Queenstown.  Great places to vintage.  (Thank you to Kim for her recommendations!)  I hope you enjoy these photos. I just about lost my mind in Legacy.  There used to be a great shop in Newmarket but it’s gone now.  Feel free to send in your recommendations for places to vintage.  Queenstown is where we picked up the phone which is in our phone booth in the gallery.

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Also a little shout out to the Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles. Loved watching “Winter’s Bone.”  Here’s the statement from their site.

In the sparse, cold and monumentally depressing rural Ozarks, 17-year-old Ree Dolly (Lawrence) is given some awful news. Her father, a lifetime criminal recently arrested for a drug deal, has put up his house as collateral for his bond. This means if Dad doesn’t show up at court, Ree, her invalid mother and two child siblings lose their home. This Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner is a refreshing thriller/neo-noir anchored in character, featuring actors and locations few of us have seen before. Yet, writer/director Debra Granik builds up her textured film on the foundation of familiar Western genre tropes, resulting in a comforting genre-based familiarity with all indie production credibility in tact. It’s one of best films of the year so far.

Also finally watched “A King’s Speech.” I would kill to have the Lionel’s office. Those lovely grungy walls.

More to come soon!

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