Mark Kasumovic

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Mark Kasumovic: an excerpt from Peggy's Cove - Varient #1, 2012, single-channel video, 10:00 min.

Notes from the Gallery Director:

Hours of labour: 400+

This video is a fully constructed image of Canadian tourist site, Peggy's Cove, with two layers of video, still photography and painstakingly roto-scoped figures (each figure is a separate piece of video that has been individually animated frame by frame -- the backgrounds surrounding each figure were deleted). The longer you view the video, the more you get a sense that things are not necessarily as they appear. A figure repeats and repeats movements; the cloud patters reverse direction; figures simply disappear.

The video is a wonderful compliment to Mark Kasumovic's other reconstructed images within the exhibition: "Peggy's Cove (An Ideal Composition)" created from 14 of Kasumovic's own photographs, and "Peggy's Cove" created using 53 'public source' images downloaded from Flickr (taken by other photographers).